Monday, August 25, 2014

Karin Herzog Finest Chocolate Cleansing

Yes, you read that right:) Karin Herzog's chocolate line will definitely take care of  chocolate cravings, it smells that good!
This cleansing product takes care of make-up removal, eye make-up removal, too.  Restores your skin to the correct PH balance, moisturizes with the help of essential oils (and real swiss cocoa)
Skin feels soft, and hydrated after use.
When I use it , I treat  myself to an "at home" spa moment. Put a dollop on my fingers and rub them together to warm up the gel. I spread it all over my face, and gently rub in circles for half a minute. I let it sit for the other half minute while I get a warm, wet face cloth ready.
Then I smooth it off with the warm cloth. My skin is soft, moisturized and ready to go it alone or  ready to get  made up.
And did I mention that it smells divine? 
Go to for more information and check out the other products in the chocolate line.

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