Wednesday, April 16, 2014

Apothederm Brand Skin Care: Serums

Apothederm brand of skin care products launched in early 2011, but the active ingredients and formulations have been years in the making.
The patented SmartPeptides™ allow the products to specifically target your areas of concern such as crow’s feet, laugh lines or stretch marks. These peptides give targeted results – they act as cellular messengers to help stimulate and restore critical functions.
What you put in your body and on your skin is important to you, and it’s important to Apothederm, too. All the Apothederm products are formulated with that in mind. They are all paraben and phthalate free, and they do not contain pore-clogging or formaldehyde releasing ingredients.

Meet The SmartPeptides:

  • Heptapeptide-7 is the latest advancement in peptide technology from Helix BioMedix. This bioactive peptide has been shown in laboratory tests to promote keratinocyte proliferation and migration to support skin renewal, essential processes for healthy, vibrant skin.
  • Palmitoyl Hexapeptide-14 helps boosts collagen production, thereby reducing the appearance of wrinkles while increasing firmness of the skin. It also helps to eliminate dull and dry skin with the addition of a lipid delivery system.
  • Hexapeptide-21 works within the skin’s own natural repair and regeneration system. Hexapeptide-21 is designed to stimulate collagen production and cell turnover to help improve the appearance of damaged skin.
I have been using Apothederm's Nourishing Serum at night  for 14 days now. I can tell you that it has a different feel than the other serums I have tested. The other serums have mostly felt a bit oily when they go on, not so with Apothederm, it feels like a gel. It goes on very smoothly and then, while it is drying, seems to tighten and  once it is dry, just feels like soft skin. I am loving this serum. I have noticed a big difference in my skin, it is both soft and smooth…So easy to apply make up to this face :) I also started using it on the backs of my hands, just to see what effect it might  have. My hands have really suffered over the winter. First day I  noticed the smoothness right away, even after washing all day. So now, that is part of my skin care regimen as well.

Reduce Visible Signs of Aging with Bright Skin Serum. Specialized formula refines, brightens and hydrates for a more even complexion. SmartPeptide™ technology specifically targets impurities to refine blotchy, discolorations and imperfections. 
My skin  looks and feels glow-y and I had plenty of sun spots to test this on! You must be diligent in using it, but I have noticed a reduction in color of spots after two weeks. 

Go to for more information or to order products. 

Thursday, April 3, 2014

Out of the Woods by Lynn Darling

Moving from your NYC apartment into a cabin in the Vermont woods, you can guess would be a HUGE change of lifestyle. Add to that you are a recently widowed woman, just dropped your only child, a daughter, off at college a few states away and  you have yourself some major life altering events.
Author Lynn Darling is looking for direction, not only so she doesn't get lost in the woods but also for the remainder of her life. Who is she now, who will she become, what does she want, what will life throw at her… all these questions are questions I have asked myself over the last few years. Who am I , really?
She moves into a little house in Vermont, gets herself a puppy, meets a few neighbors and sets off for walks in the woods. To see if she can navigate the trails and the wild, to see if she can survive in solitude after the hustle & bustle of NYC, survive the growing up of a child, to survive the loneliness of widowhood.  To find out what she is made of….
Lynn Darling is a survivor, for just as she is getting her bearings, a diagnosis that will alter her life one more time.
This is an honest memoir, one every woman over fifty needs to read. Well written, almost prose-like and lyrical . Lynn Darling has a way with words and a way with life. Very touching.
Published by Harper/Collins it is in bookstores now.