Thursday, January 23, 2014

Scientific Organics Skin Care by emerginC

This winter has been so cold & snowy and I usually get through it just fine…… BUT this Polar Vortex thing is a real downer:(
My hair, my skin..everything is so dry and lifeless looking. So when I received samples of Scientific Organics , I decided to wait for a snowed-in weekend to try them. It turned into a Spa weekend for me!
I have used emerginC products before. They are great products and used in some of the best spas nationally like Miraval, Wynn and Caesar's Palace because of the advanced anti-aging benefits of emerginC products.
So I took a nice hot shower, wrapped myself in a thick robe & slippers, put my hair up in a towel and sat in front of my mirror.
I started with the Kombucha cleanser. It was amazing that even after a shower, I still had traces of makeup that were removed by the I was starting with really clean skin. Next on to the Phytocell Detox Mask. It is a French green clay mask and I tell you after leaving it on for ten minutes, I could actually feel it drawing impurities from my pores.
Removed the mask and next I applied Phytocell cream. What luxury, how soft and smooth my skin felt.
Knowing I was not going out, I did not apply make-up. I just let my skin drink in all the antioxidants, algae extract, teas, and moisturizers for the face was glowing !!

Next afternoon, while I watched more snow fall, I decide to try the Facial Peel & Clarifying kit. So easy to use..peel pads & clarifying pads, how simple. They are full of fruit acids so dead skin is removed and skin is brightened. Used more of the Phytocell Cream after the peel and I really felt like I had been to a Spa.

Scientific Organics products are at least 70% organic ingredients and paraben free, synthetic fragrance free and petro-chemical free. So good for your skin.

You can order emerginC products from the web site at out the other great products, too!

Wednesday, January 15, 2014

Two Great New Manna Kadar Products

There are so many skincare & cosmetics products out there, some good…. some not so good. I think I end up trying them all, looking for the good ones.
Two new ones that I love are from the beauty simplified line of Manna Kadar Cosmetics , Camera Ready & Sheer Glow.

Camera Ready is a silicon based can use it alone for that finished look, or do what I do and use it as a primer for makeup. I love the feel of it on my skin, smooth as silk. Fills in the pores, helps my skin look flawless and matte. My mineral make-up glides right on and stays..that's the best part.

Sheer Glow is another new product, that I love. I am a big fan of highlighters. As we age we lose that dewey look, that special glow that comes with youthful skin. Sheer Glow lights up your skin, with a luminous glow. I wear it on my cheekbones, brow bones and lightly down the center of my face. What a difference it makes under my mineral foundation. During the day, when I check my makeup in the mirror..I am always so pleasantly surprised. Glowing:)

Visit for more information/ordering

What I Had Before I Had You by Sarah Cornwell

Olivia Reed is a mom of two-Daniel & Carrie- she suffers from bi-polar disorder. Her young son Daniel, is in early on-set of her disease. As we learn through flash backs, Olivia's mom, Myla also suffered from the disorder, although Olivia wasn't to know that as a child.
She left Ocean Vista, her childhood home, at fifteen, running away from the chaos that was her home life. Now separated from her husband and twenty years later, she is taking her two children on a journey back for a vacation before their permanent move to NYC. Daniel somehow walks away on one of the piers while Olivia & Carrie are distracted and so begins a frantic search for him also triggers an overwhelming pull of the past as she searches in places that she lived as a child. We find out just how difficult it was growing up with a mentally ill  gypsy for a mom, who would disappear for days at a time leaving her daughter to fend for herself. A mom who told fantasies about her miscarried twins, who were given a nursery in the home and treated as if they lived.. what a bizzarre world to live in.
This story narrated by Olivia, is a tale that weaves in and out of normal and crazy..typical and wild…but it is all brought so wonderfully coherent by author Cornwell.
I really enjoyed this book, I found it hard to put it down..very well written. Cozy up by the fire on a snowy weekend, this book is perfect for it.

Thursday, January 9, 2014

Miracle Skin Transformer FACE & SPOTLIGHT

Happy New Year.. and for me Happy New Skin!! I have tried two new Miracle Skin Transformer products and love them both!

MST FACE Broad Spectrum SPF 20 is one of the newest products in a growing line of great skin care.  It is a multifunctional  tinted skin enhancer that hydrates, primes, offers SPF protection and more.
FACE's key ingredients are:
Ecophysalis that provides environmental protection from free radicals and also calms the redness.
Saw Palmetto extract provides nourishment & moisture.
CO Enzyme Q10 helps increase elasticity and firms  the skin.
Vitamins K, A & E  helps even skin tone, boost cell turn over and protect against pollution.
I am one to avoid the products with sunscreen, just can't stand the feel of most of them on my skin. They feel heavy and "clogging" Not so with FACE... it soaks into my skin , leaving it  in perfect shape to apply makeup. Feels great all day and I know I have done something good for my skin..and I am protecting my face against the sun's harmful rays.. huge bonus.

MST FACE "Spotlight" is a brand new addition to the FACE line that hits the market in March. Love the illumination that the mineral pearlized pigments provide. What a lift to my tired winter skin! Just what I needed.
Same great ingredients that the original FACE has, now with an airbrushed look. It feels like velvet when you put it on. I use my mineral make up on top because I need more coverage, but that pearl look comes right through, like an inner glow.
Love, love , love.