Thursday, August 20, 2015

Summer Must Haves...

Two skin care lines that I love...first, MST or Miracle Skin Transformer. You have read reviews of other MST products on my blog and these two will be no different. Rave reviews,
MST's BODY Tinted Beauty Balm is a  must have year round beauty balm, really. Firms, protects, hydrates, illuminates and it is tinted. The color I got was Bronze and it is wonderful for a summer's day out in the sun and then a night  under the disco ball :) Improves the overall look of your skin, helps support skin's natural production of collagen, hydrates your skin, age spots appear diminished, promotes skin firmness and best of all your skin glows, looks younger and brighter. Use on your legs in that mini and on your shoulders and decollette in that low V tee. Love.

MST's Miracle Mud is a skin restoring mud mask, that I now use twice a week. Never thought I would use a mud mask, they just never looked like much fun. Invigorates, soothes, detoxifies, hydrates, firms,'s got it all. It is not a thick clay mask, it is like whipped cream. No kidding, soft and luxurious going on and you can feel your pores tighten while it dries, and it comes off with a warm rinse. Easy Peasy.

Another wonderful brand is EmerginC scientific organics. I am using the body butter. Loaded with grape stem cell, white tea and seaweed, aloe, shea butter ,jojoba, spirulina and vitamins A, C & E. It's a power house of natural ingredients. Soothes, nourishes, and moisturizes anywhere you use it. Favorites for me? Feet, elbows and knees, after I have played around in sand all day. Let's face it, in summer we are exposed to the sun and surf for a few months...we need hydrating. And it smells so fresh and citrusy...yum.