Sunday, February 26, 2012

"You have great eyebrows"

I haven't done a "beauty" blog for a few months so after I got a compliment on my eyebrows Friday, I thought I would share my technique. Let me start by saying, when this woman in the little shop told me I had great eyebrows, I was so shocked that I started to laugh. She asked me to share what was so funny and when I told her I had terrible eyebrows, she wanted to know what I use. Don't I love it when another woman compliments me... women notice when other women look good !
 To start, I use TweezerMan tweezers to pluck the strays. I know they are expensive BUT they stay sharp longer and you can send them back to the factory to be re-sharpened ! I also use Philosophy eye cream to keep the skin around my eye as nourished as possible. Then, I use black eye shadow with an angled brush to fill in the thin spots. And I have some pretty sparse, coarse hair brows. I run the brush through the shadow and then tap the excess off on a tissue and then lightly fill in, making sure to lightly touch even the thicker hairs for an even look. Then I take a light/white matte finish shadow and just dot a bit on the brow bone under the arch. Next I use Maybelline's clear mascara over the brow to smooth and hold down the stray hairs. I think this pulls it all together.
What I think makes this routine even better, is that it is cheap. We all have black shadows that we get in the eye shadow duos and quartets that  we never or rarely use but don't throw away. The shadow I love only comes in a kit, so I always have extra cast offs that I don't use. You can spend more money on brow powders, but why? Target has a great variety of makeup brushes that are very reasonable. I am talking just a few dollars. That's where I got my slanted eyeliner/brow brush. If they don't have the clear mascara, Wal-Mart will for less than $4.  Maybelline makes a gel for eyebrows but it is $15. I get the same results for way less money with the clear mascara. And that's it, great eyebrows.

I would also like to mention that I have been using Nivea Express Hydration Daily Lotion/Sea Minerals, Lotus Flower scent. I am loving this body lotion. I am religious about lotioning up my neck, decollete and shoulders and slathering my elbows, always. The scent is very light and it feels great.
Always look for coupons for these products to get an even bigger bargain !!