Wednesday, February 11, 2015

Mary Kay ? Yes, Mary Kay !

I NEED to tell you about the best eye creams I have used.... ever and believe me I have tried many..and some of them were very good. But this combination of eye creams that I have used for the last ten days gave me remarkable results. Frankly, I was shocked.
I used Mary Kay make up for a while many years ago, too many to tally. Back then,  a friend had a Mary Kay party and I bought some of the make up. (I love make up,,I have been wearing make up since I was 13 yrs old., when Twiggy showed me how to apply those big Twiggy lashes LOL.)
 At the time, I am sure I used the make up and then moved on to the next new trend.  To be honest, I hadn't heard Mary Kay mentioned for years, until just recently. I was given a samples of MK indulge soothing eye gel  & timewise firming eye cream and told to use them together. So, I have been using the gel at night and firming cream for day.  I was really blown away that after only a few days, my under eye was less puffy and then I noticed that my under eye skin was firmer and not so crepey. And believe me, right before I had tried these products, I was so discouraged with the look of my eyes. I have been using  them together and that is what I recommend.
Both products are loaded with botanicals known to soothe and brighten skin. I haven't tried putting the gel in the fridge, but that is something I am going to try. I am soooo happy with my results. As I write this, I am secretly running my finger ( gently) under my eye just to confirm that yes, it's working!!
Go to the Mary Kay website or contact your local MK rep for ordering.
 My MK go to rep can be reached at