Thursday, January 23, 2014

Scientific Organics Skin Care by emerginC

This winter has been so cold & snowy and I usually get through it just fine…… BUT this Polar Vortex thing is a real downer:(
My hair, my skin..everything is so dry and lifeless looking. So when I received samples of Scientific Organics , I decided to wait for a snowed-in weekend to try them. It turned into a Spa weekend for me!
I have used emerginC products before. They are great products and used in some of the best spas nationally like Miraval, Wynn and Caesar's Palace because of the advanced anti-aging benefits of emerginC products.
So I took a nice hot shower, wrapped myself in a thick robe & slippers, put my hair up in a towel and sat in front of my mirror.
I started with the Kombucha cleanser. It was amazing that even after a shower, I still had traces of makeup that were removed by the I was starting with really clean skin. Next on to the Phytocell Detox Mask. It is a French green clay mask and I tell you after leaving it on for ten minutes, I could actually feel it drawing impurities from my pores.
Removed the mask and next I applied Phytocell cream. What luxury, how soft and smooth my skin felt.
Knowing I was not going out, I did not apply make-up. I just let my skin drink in all the antioxidants, algae extract, teas, and moisturizers for the face was glowing !!

Next afternoon, while I watched more snow fall, I decide to try the Facial Peel & Clarifying kit. So easy to use..peel pads & clarifying pads, how simple. They are full of fruit acids so dead skin is removed and skin is brightened. Used more of the Phytocell Cream after the peel and I really felt like I had been to a Spa.

Scientific Organics products are at least 70% organic ingredients and paraben free, synthetic fragrance free and petro-chemical free. So good for your skin.

You can order emerginC products from the web site at out the other great products, too!

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