Friday, August 22, 2014

Every Beauty Brand Cosmetic Tools & more

 Every Beauty Brand has come to our rescue with great products for organizing our make up drawers ( plural,  for me) and addressing all the little quirky things that drive us crazy;)

Love the Make Up Remover Pads. They come in a convenient draw string pack, they are dry and soft , too. Just add a bit of water and swipe over your face. No rinsing or moisturizing is needed..they contain Argan Oil & Vitamin E! But they do not contain the bad stuff..alcohol or parabens.

Love, love the Cosmetic Tool with a sharpener will hold 14 tools like eyeliner pencils, lip liner pencils &  small more rolling off the dressing table! One without the sharpener will hold 8 tools.

The Every Drop Beauty Spatula scores a perfect "10" for me. No more trying to cut the bottom off tubes and pump bottles. Long, thin little spatula reaches in and grab every last bit of product!

Ahhh, the Cuticle Care Kit . I am one of those woman whose cuticles dry out and create hang nails, OUCH! The kit comes with rubber nail pusher, a trimmer & knife. Everything you need to keep those cuticles in check.

You can see these products and more ..go to their web page: to order

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