Thursday, January 24, 2013

The End of the Point by Elizabeth Graver

I feel very lucky to be able to read & review books while they are still a proof, before they are published. I enjoy the "sneak peak" ! It is a joy to review & recommend good books, love it when I can recommend a great book. The End of the Point by Elizabeth Graver is a great book.
It is the story of three generations of the wealthy Porter family who summer on Ashaunt Point in Buzzard's Bay, Massachusetts. Actually, I think Ashaunt itself  is the main character. It is the story of how a place can shape peoples lives. How a small spot on earth can become the very breath of it's inhabitants.
This book is so well written, the words ebb & flow like the tide on Ashaunt. Each character is so well defined, you can feel them.

If I may quote from the inside cover of the proof (which I never do):

"An unforgettable portrait of one family's journey through the second half of the twentieth century, The End of the Point artfully probes the hairline fractures hidden beneath the surface of our lives and traces the fragile and enduring bonds that connect us. With subtlety and grace, Graver illuminates the powerful legacy of family and place, exploring what we are born into, what we pass down, preserve, cast off, or willingly set free".

Due out first week of March 2013, this is a book that I would stand outside in line to buy on a cold, windy March day...

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