Friday, January 18, 2013

Good Harbor by Anita Diamant

Anita Diamant wrote one of my favorite books, The Red Tent. It would be a few years before I came across another of her books called The Last Days of Dogtown. The story was a fictional account of the last few people who lived in a section of Gloucester, MA called Dogtown. Since I had lived in Gloucester for a few years, I grabbed the book off a shelf and once again was reminded that Diamant is a great writer. So, when I came across Good Harbor on a thrift store shelf, I paid the dollar and took it home. ( Inside the book was the original sales slip from a local bookstore for much more than the one dollar I had just paid) Good Harbor is a beach in Gloucester that I had been to, so I had a connection right away. This is the story of two women who met by chance and became friends. One had always lived in Gloucester (Kathleen, the school librarian)..the other a woman(Joyce, a writer) who bought a small home there as a summer place.
Kathleen is diagnosed with breast cancer and her doctor advised her to start walking the beach for exercise, so Kathleen and Joyce began their friendship by walking & talking on Good Harbor Beach.
Although they shared most of their lives there were certain things that neither spoke about. Kathleen had lost a son years ago in an accident that she blamed herself for.... Joyce and her husband had drifted so far apart that this summer Joyce began a crazy affair with an Irish guy she met on the beach. How they supported each other through this one summer is what made them friends for life.

This book is a great story of a new friendship that made two women into old friends. Another very good read from Anita Diamant.

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