Thursday, December 9, 2010

Need some Holiday Spirit? Two words, Bill Porter

At this point, we are right in the midst of the holiday season, or holiday rush , as some say. This year I have tried to slow it down, but it is hard to do. We all have so much decorating, shopping , entertaining and parties to attend, that the season does feel rushed and on December 26th I will be so sad that I didn't do half of what I wanted to do.
But, I must say that there is certain thing I can never do without during the holidays. All my  Christmas movies come out of storage.  It's a Wonderful Life ( I now own both B&W and color), When Harry Met Sally, Home Alone, A Christmas Story, Charlie Brown's Christmas, Polar Express, Rudolph, Sleepless in Seattle, Love Actually, The Holiday, The Snowman, Scrooged, Miracle on 34th name a few.
 There is a movie that I love that maybe you haven't seen. It is called "Door to Door" and it was a Hallmark movie that came out in 2002. Starring William H Macy, Kyra Sedgwick & Helen Mirren,  it is the story based on the life of Bill Porter, who was and still is a door to door salesman for the J.R. Watkins Co. Bill was born with cerebral palsy, but that did not keep him from being named one of their top salesman. This is not just a Christmas story, but when I first saw it , it was at the holidays and I have always kept it stored with my other holiday movies. Bill Porter has been an inspiration to many people over the years and when I am having a pity party for myself , I pop this movie right in and realize that there is not an awful lot that the human spirit can not overcome. So to me it is the perfect holiday movie. I urge you to go on line to JR Watkins and hear the story of Bill, from Bill himself. Yes, he is still a salesman for the company at 76 years young !! And please, take some time-out and rent this movie. Light a fire ,pop some corn , take the time to relax and watch this movie..oh  and grab a box of will need it.

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  1. I have not seen this one but I will have to check it out...thanks for the tip!