Wednesday, December 1, 2010

And so I begin........

I have had a very interesting life...or so a New York playwright once told me. And as I look back, maybe I have.
I was born in Alaska, I guess that's a pretty interesting start. I work in a field that was/is prodominantly male, although thankfully that has changed alot over the last few years.
Growing up I wanted to be a writer/and a psychologist..that didn't happen. But I think writing a blog about life and my daily observations might be just the thing to soothe that part of my soul.
And it is never too late, so here goes...........


  1. As a person who has seen the play I can say with assurance that your life has certainly been interesting! I can't wait to read more and am so proud you have this going. You are a writer!

  2. What a great way to do something good for yourself! I had read one of your notes on Facebook and thought to myself what a good writer she is. Can't wait to see what else comes along. And I love the design of this.