Thursday, December 2, 2010

I need this & this & this.......

I love make-up, been wearing it since the early 60's. Ever since my older cousins got me hooked on Yardley of London Pots (yes, I used to paint on the Twiggy lashes),  I have been applying makeup daily. Since I am in my fantabulous fifties, that is ALOT of make-up applications. So, this morning when I was getting ready for work, I was thinking what I could not live without. Like, if I was deserted on an island, what would I have to have? (besides Jude Law) Now, when I was younger maybe it was just one item, but now..there are a few. ..

Lash Curler: A few years ago I saw an article in Vogue that said models can't live without their Shu Uemura eye lash curler. Never heard of it...then I watched the movie Devil Wears Prada, and they mentioned it, too. So I went online and ordered one...$30.00, quite a splurge for something that I can get at Walmart for $6.
I was skeptical, but willing to try it to get those model's lashes. I have been using a Shu for a few years now and won't ever go back to the other brand. It curls so much better and is gentler. They send one extra little rubber thingy (you should change it after 3 mos), and after that you need to get a new curler. They have two models, one is a bit cheaper ($19) and that is the one I use. So if you have a teen daughter or neice, this makes a cool present, as well as a must have for yourself.

Mascara: No woman can live without mascara, it is a scientific fact. Well, it is a fact of some kind anyway. I have tried so many over the years, couldn't even list them all. Right now I am using a new one by Maybelline, which I like. It is called Falsies.($5 at Walmart) Love the brush, separates the lashes and has staying power. All mascara's clump, I don't care what they say, this one is no exception. But what I do is wipe the wand with a tisse after pulling it out of the bottle. Knocks the clumps off, for a much smoother application, no clumps.

Lipstick: I never used to wear lipstick. Didn't like the feel of it, and my lips are not exactly like Angelina's so I didn't want to draw attention to them. I could not live without it now, what a face brightener ! I wear a Clinique shade called Butter Shine, Watermelon. I wish it was a bit longer lasting, but having tried  a lip stain and not liking it ( they are so dry), I will stick with this. So get yourself at least a tinted lip gloss, you will be amazed at the difference it makes.

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