Tuesday, January 13, 2015

This is the Story of a Happy Marriage by Ann Patchett

A fellow reader suggested I read Ann Patchett..and the next thing I know I have her newest book in my hand. It is a book of short stories and essays. As I started from the first chapter , I wondered about the title. I didn't see an immediate connection, but kept going. The beauty for me with a book of stories is that I can be reading a dense novel and then take small breaks with another story. It doesn't need my undivided attention, just short bursts when I need to get my mind on something else. It is always good to have a short story handy.
Patchett is a good writer, she draws you in with her expression of human emotion. She could be you or the woman next door. I particularly enjoyed the story of the Winnebago. Doing research for a magazine article on the RV lifestyle, she takes off for Yellowstone with the most unlikely passenger- her estranged husband, who she hadn't been speaking to-as they travel, you can see traces of the old marriage and some sparks of new interest. A new love of RV life and a re-newed love with a good man. Once you read all the stories, you see the thread that weaves all together.
Now I am passing on the fellow reader suggestion..read Ann Pachett. Harper Collins/publisher.

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