Wednesday, January 14, 2015

Flings by Justin Taylor

Another great book of short stories from Harper Collins. This one is from Justin Taylor, author of The Gospel of Anarchy and Everything Here is the Best Thing Ever. As I have said before, I enjoy short stories. I have always thought that they are for thinkers..each story full of questions and clues and most leave you to your own conclusions....I like that. Taylor's stories are no exception and a very enjoyable read. When I first saw the title I thought maybe these would be tales about the romantic type of flings..but what I decided after reading them was that they are stories about what life flings at us..and how we deal.
I was pleasantly surprised that two of the stories were connected, gave another view of the same story. A circle of college friends, each in romantic relationships, try to stay close and it works for a time. Then Scott leaves Ellen, takes off for California. Danny the writer, involved with Rachel, gets pissed off at Scott. He ends up with Ellen, having a child and living in Tokyo. Rachel ends up divorced from a man named Rowan and goes to Japan to visit.. Scott? He ends up with his own short story:) All dealing wit what life flings at them.
Great book, recommend it!

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