Monday, June 16, 2014

Dept. of Speculation by Jenny Offill

This book is a little gem, you could read it in one rainy afternoon. When I first started reading it a few pages in, I am thinking , this is a book of random thoughts. A woman is writing down her random thoughts is all...and then I kept going. A story started to develop in my thought at a time. How uniquely written.
A young woman, a wife, tells me how she came to marry & have a baby and work with quirky writers on their novels all in little snippets. Like looking at one of those flip books..all these little pieces of her life end up forming a whole. A whole life , if not a completely  happy one.
Through these little paragraphs..sometimes just a sentence long, I got a snapshot's view of a young woman who wanted to be an artist but ended up a writer , of a  young mother who realized her every waking thought was about her child's happiness, about a young husband who grew tired of being passed over for attention…
Such a great book. It will leave an impression.
Published by Random House, on book store shelves now.

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