Tuesday, December 17, 2013

Review: Adventuress Skin Purifier

A new skin care line for me, Adventuress Vividly Restorative Skin Purifier has key ingredients like quince extract, willow bark, orange, lemon and olive leaf and sugar maple.
It is fragrance and paraben free. The pump dispenser is airless to keep out contaminants.
Skin Purifier "decongests" stressed out skin and reduces breakouts while adding micronutrients to replenish skin cells.
Apply it to clean skin, dry skin and feel the difference it makes. It not only hydrates but cleans pores, too. And we all know what blocked pores will do to your skin!
I like the way it glides on and while it is drying I can feel my pores tighten..my skin looks and feels smooth. My mineral foundation glides on and I look "fresh faced". I love this product. You can use it whenever you want during the day or night, but my favorite application is before applying make up in the morning.
Wow, makes my face beam!!
You can buy Skin Purifier or any of the other products in the Adventuress line by visiting their website at:  goadventuress.com.

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