Monday, December 9, 2013

The Good Luck of Right Now by Matthew Quick

Bartholomew Neil is a forty year old man, that has never held a job and has lived with his mom all his life. I guess that was his job, taking care of his mom. They went to church, ate, shopped, watched TV...always together. His father, according to his mother, went out one night and was abducted & killed by the KKK, because he was Catholic. It was never in the paper and killers were never found…body not found either. He is in love with the girl at the library, the girlbrarian, but of course he will never speak up and let her know.
His mom dies of cancer.
All the arrangements and expenses were paid, as were Bart's home expenses..he didn't know how ..maybe his mom paid in advance?
While going through his mother's things, he found a letter that she had received from the actor Richard Gere, thanking her for boycotting the Olympics in 2008. His mother was a great pretender and Bart figures his mom realized this was just a form letter but she had kept it for five years, pretending that R.G. had sent it to her personally. He then sits down and writes a letter to Richard Gere, letting him know his mom had kept that letter for five years…this was  the first letter of many.
Bartholomew's life unfolds in the letters he sends to R.G. and you soon realize that Bart has some mental & emotional issues. He seeks help from the church , as he and his mom always had , and lo and behold he comes home to find Father McNamee on the front porch..
I will leave the story there. This is a great book, I really enjoyed it. Full of imperfect human beings.
From first page to last, a gem.
FYI: Matthew Quick also wrote Silver Linings Playbook :)

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