Wednesday, June 3, 2015

Summer Reading.... Here we come!!

 Towel, check. Sunscreen, check. Cold beverage, check. Sand & Surf, check. Great books, CHECK!
If you love a good mystery than pick up a copy of Orient by Christopher Bollen. Orient is a town on the North Fork of Long Island. One late summer morning, the body of a local caretaker is found in the open water...the same day a monstrous animal carcass is found washed up on the beach. With rumors flying, eyes turn to Mills Chevern- a tumbleweed orphan newly arrived in town from the West. As the deaths continue and fear in town escalates, Mills is enlisted by Beth, an Orient native in retreat from Manhattan, to help her uncover the truth. With the clock ticking, Mills and Beth struggle to find answers, faced with a killer they may not be able to outsmart. Suspense until the last few pages !!!

Dark Sparkler by Amber Tamblyn ...Tamblyn is an award winning actress and a contributing writer for the Poetry Foundation. As such, she is deeply fascinated and intimately familiar with the toll exacted on young women whose lives are offered in sacrifice as starlets. The stories of these actresses, both famous and obscure, inspired this empathetic and emotionally charged collection of new poetic work. Excellent reading.

Every guidebook in Paris is crammed with sites to see during the day, but visitors are abandoned once the sun sets and The Louvre, Notre Dame and other tourists attractions shut their doors. Sadly for those tucked in their hotel rooms, it's only when darkness falls that the real Paris emerges. Enter John Baxter, tour guide and author of the lovely 'The Most Beautiful Walk in the World'.  This time he takes us on a night-time adventure, fully utilizing all five senses. Whether it is exploring Paris' great jazz clubs, sampling foods from the eclectic restaurants and bakeries of the Marais or visiting  an infamous former opium fumery, Baxter brings Paris to his readers. A must read for these summer nights.

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