Monday, June 22, 2015

Mia Beauty 's Flashion Flowers Headband

Mia Beauty has done it again. They continue to be my go- to hair accessory company. Love the new Flashion Flowers headbands. I just love wearing flowers in my hair in summer anyway, it is a great pick me up and conversation starter, especially when you have been on the beach all day and are meeting the  girls after. A flower headband is perfect to pull your beach wavy hair off your face..but this one has a tad more fun added. Press one of the pretty green leaves and you brighten right up..literally!
Tiny twinkle lights add a great amount of fun to this headband, yes twinkle lights!
Think of all the places to wear one and stand out this summer...festivals, BBQ's, night-time beach walks..and why not for all those great girls at the bachelorette party ?
Head to to check out the Flashion Flowers headbands or their other great hair accessories.

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