Thursday, September 19, 2013

pur minerals Correcting Primer

Another great  purminerals  product to talk about ! I have been lucky enough to try a few of these awesome skin care products and have added them to my skin care regimen.
I sampled the Redness Reducer primer and was so pleasantly surprised that this green (yes, green) tinted primer glides on like velvet and color corrects my red spots. I have had more compliments on my skin in the last couple of weeks and I have only added the primer to my daily routine, so I know what is giving my the glow!
Why use a primer? The function of a primer is to prepare your skin for make up. A primer also helps your make up last longer and helps to conceal your pores and imperfections. It creates a barrier between your skin and make up, helping my foundation do it's job.
After moisturizers soak in, I smooth on the primer and then my mineral makeup foundation...smooth as silk with a very even tone. Not just giving me an even tone and silky smooth surface but also brightening and firming my skin so that the foundation covers flawlessly.
As I said I tried the Green because I am trying to tone down the red sun spots on my face..the other primers are: Peach for color balancing, Lavender to hydrate & balance, and Neutral for prep & perfect.
Choose the right one for you.. but do choose one to add to your daily routine, you will love it as I do!!
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