Tuesday, September 18, 2012

Review: City of Women by David R Gillham

Any book about Germany in WW2, you would expect to be dark and not especially easy to read. I did find this book dark and hard to read, but interesting enough not to put down. 
It is the story of Sigrid Schroder. She is married to a German soldier, who is off fighting in Russia. She is living with her mother-in-law while he is away. She is a working girl, works in a patent office. To pass the time, she goes to the local theatre where mostly propaganda movies are shown, but what else is there for entertainment and who can afford anything else in these times of war and rations? During one of her nights out at the movies, she meets a Jewish man, who she eventually falls in love with. She also meets a young woman, who she befriends and that young woman pulls her into the world of the underground, saving Jews from being sent to concentration camps. 
The story then becomes a tale of the courageous people who stood up against Hitler, who tried to save the lives of Jewish citizens. These were just everyday people, people who decided to open their eyes to what was happening. Even though at any moment, their neighbors could give them away and they would be going to the concentration camps themselves. 
This is a story of all the atrocities of war, as told by an average woman, an average woman full of courage. It is about friendships and love, too, during this horrific time in history. 
Hard to read but worth the read. 

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