Monday, September 10, 2012

Review: Chicken Soup 's Say Hello to a Better Body

Chicken Soup books are always inspirational. Read any one of the stories/chapters and you will learn something about yourself and others. This particular book is written by Dr. Suzanne Koven, a Harvard Medical faculty member and a Boston Globe columnist. So, not only do you read great stories from everyday people, but you get some important facts thrown in there by an experienced doctor. Say Hello to a Better Body is geared toward women over fifty, but any woman, young or old,  can pick up some good advice by reading along. 
What I liked about it, was that I can pick it up anytime for inspiring stories to get me through the rough days of dieting. Stories and facts about menopause, eating right, making small changes, and  negative thinking abound in this book. 
I recommend this book whole-heartedly. And as much as I love to pass books on to others, I will have to keep this one around a while for instant inspiration !

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