Thursday, August 23, 2012

Review: Joey Healy Eye Brow Collection

Eyebrows...I think you either have lovely full eyebrows, or you have what I have ..course & sparse. Well, they weren't always sparse, but always course. I never much paid attention to my brows, even when Brooke Shields came on the scene with those huge brows of hers! I never filled them in, hated the look of it. As I got older and had the time to read more fashion mags, I realized that eyebrows played a big roll when applying make-up. As I heard one make-up artist say "they frame the face".
I have posted before about my eyebrows and how I apply makeup to them. I use dark eye shadow and clear mascara and an angled brush.
I have "made do".
I received a sample of Joey Healy's Eye Brow Collection to review just a few days ago. Usually when I review a product , it takes longer than a few days to get results but I could have written this review after one application! I am using the Luxe Brow Powder in Tobacco and the Duo Brow Brush. They are like the one-two punch of a superhero. Wow ! Pow !
The powder is so rich and velvety and as soon as I applied it in feathery strokes with the Duo brush's stiff, slanted end, I HAD BROWS !!
Then I took the spiral brush end of the Duo and brushed through my brows and that did the trick to make my brows look natural. And last night after a long work day,  I was getting ready to take off all my make-up.. I took another look and there they were..still. Not faded, not gone on the outer tips..still giving my eyes that great frame..all day and into the night! So thrilled with this product.
I have not tried  Healy's Clear Set gel, but I will be ordering it. Because I do recommend a gel to keep the brows tamed and glossy.
No more "making do" for me !

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