Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Review: Yureka...Struck Gold ! L'Oreal Million Lash Mascara

I am very excited to have finally found a mascara that doesn't flake. L'Oreal Voluminous Million Lash. Lasts all day, minimal clumping ( I use a q- tip just to take care of those little nuisances) & keeps my lashes curled. I am just coming off a test of a Lancome and a Sephora mascara and they were definitely NOT worth the price. Both flaked, clumped, took the curl out and wore off  by days end.
 Not so this new one by L'Oreal, and it is only $7 a tube. The case is good sized & brilliant gold and it clicks shut when you tighten it. (I am thinking it won't dry out as others do)  I am not usually a fan of the new plastic applicators , but this one works !! You can get it at any department/drug store or on-line at Amazon.com.

I have recently read a good book by author Kate Kerrigan called Ellis Island. It is a love story based in poverty-stricken Ireland in the 1920-30's. When Ellie Hogan's new husband ( and childhood love) is injured and cannot walk nor work, she heads to New York where an old friend has secured her a  job as a maid for an ultra-rich woman. In NY she is surrounded by luxury unimagined in Ireland and soon becomes accustomed to the wealth and sophistication of the city. As she sends home most of her earnings so that her husband can have a much needed operation, she begins to think maybe she will not return to Ireland. OR maybe her husband will join her in America. Enter a new, rich and handsome American love interest and Ellie is faced with a classic decision. For love or money?

I did like this book but I wish the author hadn't made the ending so easy for her character. I didn't think there was a big enough internal struggle for Ellie, between staying in NY and living a great life or returning to her husband in Ireland and living in dismal poverty. I really felt like the ending   fizzled a bit.
Worth the read though !

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