Thursday, July 21, 2011

Review: DNA Defense SPF 30+

**What I love most about this sunscreen is the way it is so quickly and easily absorbed into my skin. With other products I have felt like I am wearing a thick layer of goop, then I have to apply makeup over that.** 

I have been testing this product for a good 30 days and have had plenty of sunshine to test it with, I love it ! It contains micro-fine beads of zinc oxide but with NO whitening, very sheer. It provides superb  protection against UVB & UVA rays, those awful "aging" rays. Contains vitamins A & E, which are packed with anti-oxidents, that protect your skin against free radicals, hugely damaging to exposed skin. 
 So what else can I say? Love it, it works and feels great. I wear it every day under my makeup and I also apply it to my neck. Absorbs like magic and my skin just feels like my thick goopy feeling.

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