Friday, April 17, 2015

The Jesus Cow/Michael Perry

New York Times best selling humorist  Michael Perry makes his fiction debut with this hilarious and big hearted tale , a comic yet sincere exploration of faith and the foibles of modern life blends the barbed charm of Garrison Keillor, the irreverent humor of Christopher Moore, and the audacious insight of Chuck Klosterman. (Harper Collins Publisher)

This is a story of a big hearted Wisconsin farm boy, Harley Jackson, who mostly minds his own business, bumps along in life..and is surrounded by some crazy characters who make up the small town of Swivel. Margaret, the religious woman who owns the local scrap metal shop ..Carolyn, the "environmentalist/activist...friend Billy who lives in a cat filled trailer on the farm and Klute Sorensen, the developer who bought part of his farm land when Harley's dad needed money to keep the farm running..and many more town folk that fill this book with humor and quirky country life.
And then...his milk cow delivers a calf, on Christmas Eve, with the distinct image of Jesus on it's side..and just like that,  all hell breaks lose! Word gets out, Hollywood comes to Swivel and changes life for Harley and everyone he knows.
This book is funny, well written, interesting and thought provoking. It is about family and childhood beliefs, friendships and community service.
Due out next month, it needs to make your reading list.

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