Thursday, December 18, 2014

Amore by Roger Friedland

Roger Friedland is a sociologist who studies love, sex and God. In his new book, Roger, his wife Debra and his twin daughters move to Rome. He has a chance to teach where he and his wife had honeymooned. He is also looking for love..and he knows he will find it everywhere in Italy. Discouraged by the way Americans have taken the love out of sex, he wants to immerse himself, his wife and daughters in to the Roman culture: where flirting is expected and out in the open..where lovers show plenty of PDA in the streets..where AMORE is part of everyday life.

"Part memoir, part cultural exploration, Amore follows an American father as he and his teenage daughters journey into the heart of Rome, into the way Romans love and what they have to teach about its erosion in America.
As his twin daughters approached adolescence, sociologist Roger Friedland was worried. The thing that most bothered him was not the erotic heat of its youth culture, but the lovelessness of its sex.
Offered the chance to live and teach in Rome, Roger and his wife, Debra, seized the opportunity to take their family to live in a city where love is alive, family bonds hold, divorce and rape are rare, and “ciao, bella” is a constant refrain.
In Amore, Friedland shares the stories of his family’s enchanted and unnerving passage into the heart of Rome and considers its lessons for America where love is at risk.
Amore is a love story, a family’s voyage between two states of feeling."

This book is full of facts about sex. I love the questions and comments from his daughters, Hannah & Sarah, as they start to get curious. Who better to ask then a sociologist professor dad? Definitely has some humor among the lessons. Great book for the cold winter nights ahead of us:)
Published by Harper Collins


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