Thursday, March 14, 2013

purminerals Tinted Moisturizer

Love it when I come across a great beauty product, especially one that combines so many steps into one. I have used purminerals for the last two weeks and I love it! It is a very lightly tinted  moisturizer and it has an SPF 20. But the secret ingredient, Ceretin Complex,  is an exclusive blend of ceramides (for moisture) and non-irratating retinol (for anti-aging). Last time I was at the dermatologist, she told me to use products with retinol and to make sure I moisturized daily. Most products with retinol are night time products and I would be forgetting that step more often than not. But having a 4 in 1 product that I can apply in the morning before my makeup, is chance on forgetting any step.
purminerals tinted moisturizer has a very light  coverage so that when I apply my mineral makeup, I need only either a light dusting or a touch up . It also helps my skin up to look better under my makeup, more luminous.
purminerals  has been developing skin care products since 2002. Their products not only offer exceptional coverage but also nourish and condition your skin for that healthy glow.
You can find purminerals products at an ULTA near you.

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