Tuesday, November 20, 2012

Roll Me Up and Smoke Me When I Die by Willie Nelson

I am not a huge country music fan. There are some songs that I like but I would not sit and listen to a whole CD of it. I became a fan of Willie Nelson's when I saw him in a movie called HoneySuckle Rose....I got a little crush on him. We have all heard On the Road Again, we have seen him making headlines with his IRS problems, his stance on pot, and efforts to save the American Farmer with Farm Aid. He became an "Outlaw" when he teamed up with Waylon Jennings and Kris Kristofferson. All of this and more is in his new book. 
The book is written just the way Willie talks. He will be telling a story about his childhood, then that sparks another memory and he will go off and talk about that and then in the end get back to the story about his childhood. He talks about growing up and working on cotton farms, making music, giving up drinking & drugs, his wives and children, and his country music friends (all legends in their own right). He is a big family man and all his kids work with him either in the band or in his business ventures. He now spends his time in Hawaii and Texas, playing concerts and still raising money for American farmers. There are many chapters in the book written by his kids and his current wife Annie, as well as lyrics to his many songs.
It is a very entertaining book and a good look into the crazy life of an American legend and  "outlaw".

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