Tuesday, October 9, 2012

Judging a Book by It's Lover by Lauren Leto

Yes, I have read another book about reading books, this one written by blogger Lauren Leto.When I read the tag line that it was a hilarious send up of world of book culture...why wouldn't I?
Just reading the introduction, I knew I had a winner. In second grade her teacher, Mr Booker, told her she was a good reader and that was all she needed, from then on her nose was always in a book. Leto goes on to tell us that her parents stormed in to the principal's office to complain about Mr Booker and his apparent  interest in their child's reading (her nose always being in a book, she would not go out to play & make any friends, etc) but that did not sway Leto from reading.
The book is full of fun ways that being an educated reader can hurt or help you in all kinds of situations...for instance one chapter is about the ten rules for book store hook ups. Another about being book snob.... you never mention that you are reading a frilly book of summer love! You want to fake like you read an important author? All kinds of helpful hints in this book.
So, yes this book is hilarious. It is also a who's who of important authors and magnificent books that we should be reading.  I whole-heartedly recommend this book :)

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