Tuesday, October 4, 2011

Review: Philosophy Skin Care Products

My sister R, months ago, told me that she had picked up a kit of Philosophy skincare products and after only a few days use, had started to receive compliments on her skin. At the time, I was using & reviewing another line that I really liked, so I put the Philosophy idea aside. Three weeks ago I decided to browse Amazon, (I had a $50 gift cert) and saw that they carried Philosophy products. After reading up on all the different products, I chose a kit with:  Purity, a cleanser, Help me, the night time retinol lotion and Hope in a jar, the much bally-hooed moisturizer. I have been using the three products for two weeks now and I do notice some differences in my skin. The cleanser, Purity I use in the shower every morning on my face & neck. Makes my skin squeaky clean but does not dry it out. I am using the Hope in a jar after my shower on face & neck and am finding no flakiness or dry spots on my face. At night after using my standard swipe of witch hazel to remove all my makeup, I use the Help me retinol cream. Retinol helps to reduce red  spots, sun damage, lighten age spots. I do notice a bit of improvement. Nothing very dramatic but I am continuing to use it and am hoping that two weeks from now I see a huge improvement.
I must also say that I do enjoy watching the Philosophy products getting hawked on QVC. There are so many products !!
If you use Hope in a jar and it's not doing a thing for you, you may need When hope is not enough serum ! My sister R told me that her kit contained Miracle worker retinol pads and that the pads were what she thought made the difference. So my next purchase will be Miracle worker.  Miracle worker pads evidently trump Help me lotion.
Let me warn you, though, all this great stuff comes at a high price. Miracle worker pads retail at $70.00 for 60 pads. (My sister R says next time she will cut the pads in half) After your face, you also swipe it over your hands, so more bang for the buck ! If you are looking for products that work, then I think Philosophy is a good bet. Start with a kit and go from there. I do recommend that you tune in to QVC and watch for the deals , which they do have. You also can see the products being applied & explained and I think that does help you decide which products you will need.

Philosophy products are sold in Sephora stores & on line at Sephora.com , Macy's stores, online at Amazon.com and online at Philosophy.com and of course, QVC.

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