Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Miracle Skin Transformer !!

I was really lucky to have been sent samples of two products that I love, love, love. I have given them a try for a solid 10 days and in that short a time (most products ask for 6-8 weeks before results), I have noticed quite a difference.
The company is called Miracle Skin Transformer (MST) and I tried the Miracle Skin Transformer SPF 20 and MST Treat & Conceal.

Love this product and let me tell  you that it applies like a dream ! It leaves a velvety texture on your face, so nice to apply your make-up on. It hydrates, enhances skin tone and protects against UV rays and does it with natural anti-aging ingredients like:

Saw Palmetto Extracts to moisturize and soothe
Passion Fruit that is rich in Omega-6 fatty acids which penetrates your skin to hydrate
Co-Enzyme Q10 increases elasticity and firms skin while increasing cell renewal
Vitamin A helps reduce the dark circles, redness and broken capillaries
Vitamin K exfoliates and renews skin cells

This is just the short list of natural ingredients. There are others that enhance your skin tones and even more to protect against UVA & UVB rays. I love the feel of this product, it is light and oil-free. I was excited that after only one week, my skin looked more even toned. My broken capillaries are faded and there are no red patches on my cheeks. I am using less mineral make up to cover those spots, that's for sure. Now, with my larger pores, I would prefer to use the translucent version. There are many tint colors, one to match any complexion. I highly recommend this product and hope you will go on line at to purchase. It will soon be in Sephora stores, too. But don't wait, buy now !!

Now, let me tell you about Treat & Conceal. This is the best concealer I have ever used. I am using it all over my eye, under for circles and on the lid as a make-up base. I am patting it on all kinds of bumps and spots all over my face. (Remember when you are applying anything to your eye area that you use your ring finger. It is the weakest of our fingers and the eye area is sensitive) Again, because it is tinted and my pores are on the larger size, I am patting this on rather than smoothing. It is amazing. I guess that is why it is named Miracle Skin Transformer. What I have found is that is stays put. Even after a long day, I get home & my under eye .. still covered. My little spots ..still covered. This coverage lasts. And once again , I am using only one light application of my mineral make-up.
Treat & Conceal is a silicone based concealer that corrects, protects and transforms your skin.
It will help reduce fine wrinkles, reduce darkness under the eye, reduce the look of age spots and discolorations. It covers and heals ! Right now it is available on line at and soon will be in the Sephora stores.
Stay tuned to Queen Bee's Buzz for up coming reviews on skin care products and make-up.  I am hoping to start up with giveaways before the end of summer !!

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