Tuesday, November 3, 2015

Mendicino Fire by Elizabeth Tallent

Just reading "No One You Know", tells me author Tallent knows us all very well. The story of a hidden affair and divorce, and then the moving on... but not quite...
Very well written short stories about relationships of all kinds. It's time to make a winter reading list, and you can start with this one:)

Read what the publisher, Harper Collins, has to say...

The long-awaited return of a writer of rare emotional wisdom.
The son of an aging fisherman becomes ensnared in a violent incident that forces him to confront his broken relationship with his father. A woman travels halfway across the country to look for her ex-husband, only to find her attention drawn in a surprising direction. A millworker gives safe harbor to his son's pregnant girlfriend, until an ambiguous gesture upsets their uneasy equilibrium. These and other stories—of yearning, loss, and tentative new connections—come together in Mendocino Fire, the first new collection in two decades from the widely admired Elizabeth Tallent.
Diverse in character and setting, rendered in an exhilarating, exacting prose, these stories confirm Tallent's enduring gift for capturing relationships in moments of transformation: marriages breaking apart, people haunted by memories of old love and reaching haltingly toward new futures. The result is a book that reminds us how our lives are shaped by moments of fracture and fragmentation, by expectations met and thwarted, and by our never-ending quest to be genuinely seen.

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